Drop-Off Form


This form helps us gather important information needed to treat your pet!
  • Routine Services

    Please check all services to be performed.
  • Medical Complaints

  • Consent for Treatment

    An estimate will be provided should you request one. Should the veterinarian determine that extensive and/or alternative treatment be required, or the actual anticipated costs exceeds 10% of the estimate, we will call you for approval beforehand. In the event of a life-threatening condition, we will proceed with all lifesaving efforts if we cannot reach you and your emergency contact in a timely manner. By signing this form, you are consenting to treatment for all items detailed above, and are accepting full financial responsibility for above services as well as any additional emergency services, should they become necessary. Payment is expected at time of discharge.
  • Signature

    When you arrive to drop off your pet(s), our receptionists will print this form and ask you to sign below.